🌿 I'm an artist on twitter/tumblr/instagram and here's some info about me!🌿

🌿Greta | Miller
🌿Any pronouns
🌿Pansexual & Poly

🌿 I rather not to specify my country and my exact age :) 🌿

🌿 Its not that big of a secret, but please respect my boundaries 🌿


🌿 My DMs on twt are always open if you need anything! :)🌿 English is not my native language and I'm dyslexic so keep that in mind and please be patient!🌿 You can use my art as pfp, banners and etc. but only with credit :)🌿 You can use my designs in your drawings with credits, and you're free to commission other artist to do so🌿 Don't take my mcyt art as ship art and don't question my intentions, I stated multiple times it's all platonic🌿 If I do something that makes you uncomfortable please feel free to tell me🌿 If my art should be tagged in any way let me know🌿 Don't send me pictures of food🌿 I am neurodivergent, keep that in mind, if possible use tone tags


🌿 If youre homophobic, transphobic, terf, racist, ableist, sexist, map, etc.🌿 You use kys either jokingly or serious🌿 You're sending hate/threats/harrasment to anyone🌿 Neg on things I'm hyperfixated🌿 Engage in drama a lot🌿 Anti of the things I like


🌿 Commissions status is regurally updated on my twitter🌿
DM me on twitter if youre interested

🌿 If you want to ask me something you can use my tumblr ask to do it anonymously or just DM me!🌿